Tuesday 17 November 2009

Katinka Goldberg

All images © Katinka Goldberg

Upon seeing these images I felt a pang in my heart. Still Movement belongs to Katinka Goldberg and consists of series of self portraits, alone and together. "For me" says Goldberg, "this project was a way of illustrating an introvert state of mind where it feels like you are almost disappearing. I wanted to create a feeling of a closed zone or a closed space. Although this space is still exposed since we, the viewers can look within and observe.

It is important that this project isn’t a narrative because the nature of the emotions portrayed is constant, still and strangely undramatic. The sheets becomes almost like a fluid landscape that surrounds you and overtake you.

I have a background in painting, and I am inspired by Nordic painters from the turn of the last century, like Helene Schjerfbeck. My images are often closer to paintings, and in this body of work I have tried to connect the two expressions. In doing that I am able to combine the expressivity of painting, with the energy and ability to capture the moment that lies within the photographic media."

Katinka Goldberg is a Swedish photographer educated in Sweden and France with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Edinburgh College of Art. She is represented by a Norwegian gallery called Melk Galleri that focuses on young Scandinavian photography and has her next exhibition there in April 2010. Her latest exhibition was at Krane Calman Gallery in Brighton in April 2009. She has also exhibited at the Photography Festival in Arles, Voies Off. Now based in Norway, she is completing her first photography book called SEE YOU that will be published in 2010.