Wednesday 27 May 2009

Workshop: A week with Klavdij Sluban from 29 November until 6 December 2009

©Klavdij Sluban

Atelier de visu is organising a workshop directed by Klavdij Sluban. The workshop will take place in Marseille.

Content of the workshop:

> defining each participant’s photographic project.
> shooting sessions.
> editing sessions, each participant will create a coherent series
of images.
> creation of a slide show.
> opening night at Atelier de visu’s gallery and projection of the images of the participants.

L’Atelier de visu will also be doing portfolio reviews.

Price of the workshop: 500 euros
Maximum number of participants: 12
Accomodation can be provided at Atelier de visu. (depending on availability)

For further information, please contact Atelier de visu
19 rue des Trois Rois 13006 Marseille
téléphone: 04 91 47 60 07

theprintspace Photography Competition

theprintspace is running monthly competitions via its Facebook group of the best photos that you enter, to be judged by an expert panel of professional photographers and industry experts.

Each month will have a theme according to which you can submit your images (a max. of 5 images per person per month please!) - the winner will get a highly coveted mounted 20x24 inch print of their choice from theprintspace studio.

All of the monthly winners will be included in theprintspace's next grand bi-annual group show at the gallery in East London! This will consist of a big opening night with free alcohol, high profile guests and the opportunity to gain extensive exposure!! The exhibition will run for 2 weeks, and will be the perfect opportunity for aspiring photographers to showcase their talents to the world.

* a 20x24 inch print of the winning image on the paper type of your choice, mounted on the most innovative & cutting-edge material used in print mounting from theprintspace: Acrylic Reverse.
* The winners will be featured in our next grand bi-annual group show at renowned theprintspace gallery in East London
* Extensive exposure from theprintspace
* Special feature on 1000 Words Photography Blog

Panel of judges:
- Tim Clark
Editor & director of 1000 Words Photography Magazine

-Julia Fullerton-Batten
Globally renowned and award-winning professional photographer

-Harry Borden
Award-winning & internationally acclaimed portrait photographer

-Rob Jarvis
Photographer and administrator of the Facebook group "Photography"

Theme for June:
To be announced 1 June!

Of the competition, theprintspace´s Marketing Executive Geri Tuneva says: "The main goal behind this competition is to find and encourage talented amateurs and up-and-coming photographers to begin working more seriously with photography, and not necessarily to award the most polished work. We want to award images which are authentic, imaginative and capture the essence of the monthly theme in the most interesting and exciting way."

Click here to find out more information and enter the competition. Good night and good luck!

Friday 22 May 2009

Pablo Chiereghin

All images ©Pablo Chiereghin

This post is somewhat overdue as Pablo Chiereghin sent me these images a fairly long time ago but if ever portraiture stripped away the surface or, moreover, manipulated it through gesture and expression, this photographer has done it with the same sensibility and enthusiasm as any of the true greats. Needless to say, this work really stopped me in my tracks and so it is my absolute honour to be able to share it with you all. It´s from a series called Picture of a Lie by Pablo Chiereghin, an Italian artist who now lives in Vienna. Of the project he says:

"If photography was born to document the reality, Picture of a Lie has the goal of documenting the false. The artist, after a non-scientific psychoanalytic procedure that lasted 30-40 min, asked his model to repeat their worst lie as they were facing the person they told it to. The goal was not to portray the person but the lie itself."

Born in 1977 in Adria, Italy, Pablo Chiereghin studied Communication in Bologna where he started working as copywriter. He continues his experience in ADV in Madrid and Trieste developing a big interest in photography and art. In 2006-2007 he attended the PG in Photography at Central St. Martins, University of Arts and Design in London. Solo exhibitions include 2008 Pablo Chiereghin. Dicono che sembro intelligente MiCamera, Milano and Birthday Suit at the Window Gallery, London, in collaboration with Barbican Art Gallery for the exhibition Seduced Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now. Did I mention that I love his work?

David Straight

All images ©David Straight

David Straight recently submitted this work called The End of London for my consideration which spoke to me not not least because I recognise the places he has photographed and admire its subject matter (the theatre of the street, newcomers to London and the alluring solitude of urban existence etc) but also because his intentions are refreshingly unpretentious and transparent. Here is his introduction to the project:

“`What am I, if not a collector of forgotten gazes?´The End Of London is primarily about my response to the world I see. And for two years it was London. These pictures are a journey through the streets of London; through gazes and moments, people and nature. To put it simply `it’s an attempt to understand the time I live in´.

My first months in London were filled with a profound loneliness and alienation. And more than that, a sharp feeling of disconnection from the people on the street, and indeed, the people from the city around them. I had not experienced this in other large cities. This felt pronounced and severe. Like a sort of sad disquiet peculiar to London."

David Straight was born in Christchurch, New Zealand 1980. He studied photography at Massey University, School of Fine Art and Design, Wellington and graduated in 2002. Since then he has been developing a personal voice in the medium and pursuing personal long term projects aswell as working editorially for many NZ magazines. He relocated to New York in January 2006, interning at Magnum Photos, and then on to London where he lived for two and half years working on this book project(The End Of London). Before moving back to his homeland of recently, he travelled to Iran which has led to the beginning of a project called - Iran: and the river meets the sea. Presently he is turning my gaze back home and making work about the idea of “home” and taking an in-depth look at his country of birth.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

1000 Words needs your help!

©Zoe Strauss

Dear all

As an entirely independent online publication, 1000 Words requires a lot of the time, energy and resources of two very busy people to produce. In light of this, we are currently seeking engagement from donations, sponsorship and funding in order to cover the costs of the special Summer issue and to also improve long-term prospects for growth in the sector. So if you enjoy the photography we feature and find the site useful, then please support us by making a donation.

Such help will not only enable us to maintain the highest standard of quality in our work but also guarantee that the content can remain free. I repeat: free! Ultimately, it will be an investment in promoting excellence in photography and the visual arts.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated. We will select donors at random and send you free passes to international photography festivals as well as new photo books and other photo-related goodies!

PayPal is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to transfer money online. Click here and you will be redirected to the PayPal website to see out the transaction.

Many thanks, and best wishes


Monday 11 May 2009

Jason Hanasik

All images ©Jason Hanasik

These are some of my favourite images from the series He Opened Up Somewhere Along The Eastern Shore by Jason Hanasik. I have to admit that upon receiving this work I was quite bemused. I really just did not know what to make of it all. Yet, the work has an endearing eccentricity, one that reeled me in and made look closer. In short, it challenged my preconceptions and really got me thinking about how people in uniforms embody the ambivalent and at times fraught relationship between the individual and society. The idea that a group of soldiers can merge into a single body, be part of this kind of collective yet still subvert stereotypical gender codes is fascinating.

Here is his short description about the series wherein he tells us about the people he portrays:

"He Opened Up Somewhere Along The Eastern Shore is a photography project which engages image making as a platform to intervene inside Western culture’s traditions and expectations as they relate to masculinity, sexuality, the uniform and class. The images included in this project are of my best friend, his younger brother, and the men who served with them in Iraq. The narrative which unfolds floats between fantasy, desire, friction, and our expectations. We,the men of these images and me, might not sit at an equal distance from the centre, but we all have a complicated relationship to what is considered normal - to our benefit and our destruction."

Jason Hanasik is a recent graduate of the MFA program in Fine Arts at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. His work is currently represented by Kris Graves Projects in Brooklyn, NY and has been collected by various private individuals across the country. Hanasik’s project He Opened Up Somewhere Across the Eastern Shore will be the subject of a solo exhibition this fall at Kris Graves Projects and an article in the Society for Photographic Education’s journal Exposure in 2010.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Dave Wyatt

All images ©Dave Wyatt

Thames Town: China’s new Suburbia

"Thames town is an English style new satellite town built close to Shanghai as part of the local governments ‘One City –Nine Towns’ plan. This plan was hatched out of the population boom being experienced in Shanghai. In the past 15 years the population has increased by 8 million and the landmass it covers has increased from 100sqkm to a staggering 680sqkm. Despite this growth Shanghai is still four times as densely populated as New York. The ‘One City –Nine Towns’ plan seeks to construct nine satellite towns around Shanghai. Six of these towns are to be themed on European style cities from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Italy. These images document the beginning of the next great revolution within China, a suburban revolution as the new middle class within China seeks to make use of their new found financial freedom."

Dave Wyatt was born in Bristol, England in 1979. He is a documentary photographer whose images focus on the relationship we as humans have with our environment. The goal of Dave’s work is not to pass judgment as much as to raise questions about the nature of the delicate relationship we maintain with the landscape. Dave gained his MA in International Photojournalism, Documentary Photography and Travel Photography from the University of Bolton undertaken at Dalian Medical University in Dalian, China, and his BA degree from the renowned school of Documentary in Newport, South Wales. His work has been exhibited in both national and international galleries, museums and festivals including The National Gallery in Pristina, Kosovo, the Chobi Mela IV festival in Bangladesh, The Ian Parry Awards 2006 exhibition in London, the Riverfront Centre in Newport, South Wales and The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. He has also had images published in a variety of books and magazines editorially and accepts commercial assignments on a regular basis. Examples of Dave Wyatt’s photography can be seen at