Tuesday 5 May 2009

Dave Wyatt

All images ©Dave Wyatt

Thames Town: China’s new Suburbia

"Thames town is an English style new satellite town built close to Shanghai as part of the local governments ‘One City –Nine Towns’ plan. This plan was hatched out of the population boom being experienced in Shanghai. In the past 15 years the population has increased by 8 million and the landmass it covers has increased from 100sqkm to a staggering 680sqkm. Despite this growth Shanghai is still four times as densely populated as New York. The ‘One City –Nine Towns’ plan seeks to construct nine satellite towns around Shanghai. Six of these towns are to be themed on European style cities from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Italy. These images document the beginning of the next great revolution within China, a suburban revolution as the new middle class within China seeks to make use of their new found financial freedom."

Dave Wyatt was born in Bristol, England in 1979. He is a documentary photographer whose images focus on the relationship we as humans have with our environment. The goal of Dave’s work is not to pass judgment as much as to raise questions about the nature of the delicate relationship we maintain with the landscape. Dave gained his MA in International Photojournalism, Documentary Photography and Travel Photography from the University of Bolton undertaken at Dalian Medical University in Dalian, China, and his BA degree from the renowned school of Documentary in Newport, South Wales. His work has been exhibited in both national and international galleries, museums and festivals including The National Gallery in Pristina, Kosovo, the Chobi Mela IV festival in Bangladesh, The Ian Parry Awards 2006 exhibition in London, the Riverfront Centre in Newport, South Wales and The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. He has also had images published in a variety of books and magazines editorially and accepts commercial assignments on a regular basis. Examples of Dave Wyatt’s photography can be seen at http://davewyatt.com