Wednesday 12 May 2010

See You Soon by Maxwell Anderson

All images © Maxwell Anderson

We met during late spring.
She was sitting alone, smoking a cigarette and gazing at the sky.

I was immediately compelled to photograph her.

We had a few chance meetings.
She enjoyed wandering by the Thames at night.
I started to join her.

She came to live with me in my small flat in Peckham.
We didn't go out much, sometimes we would just read together.

At the end of summer she had to leave London when her visa expired.
After I watched her walk through the departures gate at Heathrow,
I drove home.

The sky was beautiful.

I imagined what a beautiful last view she would have of England.
I realised how much I would miss her.

I haven't seen her since.

-Maxwell Anderson

See You Soon is a photographic narrative, exploring the development of a relationship between the photographer and a woman from Tokyo. The book presents the progression of intimacy between the two, documenting the private journey from their first meeting through to her departure on the expiry of her visa.

As a photographic love letter, or diary, this book engages the reader in a highly emotive, affectionate, and personal period of time. Capturing these emotions with a snapshot camera, photographing everyday and sometimes mundane scenarios.

The book has been edited in such a way to form a full narrative, but within the pages, individual exchanges are present, revealing short passing stories and moments within the whole. Photographically, Anderson’s eye is compassionate, humourous, authentic and beautiful.

Published in a limited edition of 500 copies, this delicately produced, intimate and considerately designed book of photographs is the first publication by Maxwell Anderson.

Anderson studied photography at the London College of Communication, and is currently based in South East London. As an emerging artist, Anderson uses the photographic to explore authenticity and the everyday. His photographs operate as an expression of his personal experience of the world. His work most commonly manifests in the book form.

Forthcoming exhibtions and events include: The Photographer’s Gallery, London Group Show 14 May – 1 June, Book Launch of See You Soon in association with Tokyo de Janeiro at Life Bar 21 May, 8pm and Self Publish, Be Happy, signing and exhibition The Photographers’ Gallery 5-6 June.

For more information on this book please contact Reuben on info(at)bemojake(dot)eu