Wednesday 28 October 2009

Daniel Lillie

All images © Daniel Lillie

I got introduced to Daniel Lillie at Chris Steele Perkins´ book launch a few weeks back. Let me just say, not only is he a delightful young chap but his work, for which he won the August edition of theprintspace competition, is outstanding. The images shown here are taken from his project I´ll see you on the far post... and this is his introduction to the series:

"Historically, socially and culturally the working man has been seen as a figure of strength and integrity, a foreboding presence both in the family and the community. These images are about what men do with their time, be it with their family, friends or alone. They are about working and not working. Work is not guaranteed for these men, it is insecure and transient.

These images also offer a portrait of a small estate in Newport, South Wales. They look at the ideals of family, friendship, kinship and the intimacies and relationships which are formed in a close knit community. They also look at the changing domestic role of the male within the family, as the roles clash and men re-negotiate their lives and relationships after the prospect of industrial stability has waned. They are about the in-between times, time spent in the company of other men. They’re about killing time; or time killing us".

Daniel was born Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1986 and graduated with a B.A Hons in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales, Newport in 2008. He has been working on the project I’ll see you on the far post… almost exclusively since 2007 but he also works as a freelance assistant in London. The project has been published in Black and White Photography Magazine, winning their reportage assignment and also came second place is Ag magazine’s ‘Brilliant Book Awards.’ He has been invited to present the work at The Photographers Gallery in 2009 and had a solo show in Exit Gallery at Claire de Roeun Books, in London. He is also a shortlisted finalist for the Magnum Expression Award 2009.