Tuesday 14 July 2009

New partnership with Troika Editions!

©Bill Jackson

© Victoria Hall

I am delighted to announce the new partnership between Troika Editions and 1000 Words.

To produce the level of professionalism and depth of content with which you have come to expect takes time and money and in answer to our recent call for donations and in recognition of the work 1000 Words does Troika Editions has set up a special offer for the valued friends of 1000 Words. For all prints purchased during July 2009 by 1000 Words readers, Troika Editions will donate to 1000 Words part of the profits on the purchases of their limited edition prints.

As an additional thank you for helping support 1000 Words, Troika Editions will also give free shipping on purchases made through this offer during July 2009.

Launched in Spring 2009, Troika Editions is an online space dedicated to promoting British and European photographers, giving them the opportunity to sell their work to a wider audience at affordable prices. Every week Troika Editions publish exclusive limited edition prints from their list of hand picked artists. Offered in three sizes, in three edition runs and at just three prices and with prices starting at £35, Troika Edition’s mandate is to make art available for everyone.

For more information about Troika Editions please contact Bridget via email info@troikaeditions.co.uk or by phone on 020 783 2330.

To quote the offer url use www.troikaeditions.co.uk/1000words

Here are some more beautiful prints that are on offer at Troika Editions:

© Emma Critchley

© Matthew Booth

© Jon Spencer

© Polly Braden and David Campany