Wednesday 10 June 2009

Rastros (Traces) @Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona

Gert Jan Kochen, Queen Wilhelmina (the Past and the Present), 2005
©Gert Jan Kochen

Photography often maintains a certain friction in the play on absence and presence; at least this is the theme that is at the centre of the exhibition, Rastros, currently on display at Fundación Foto Colectania, in which several contemporary artists explore the idea of traces and marks as signs of human activity. Works by Javier Ayarza, A. Ferrer, Gert Jan Kocken, Ulrich Gebert, Matt Packer, Sven Johne and Lewis Ronald by and large comprise unpopulated photographs that point to human influence through what has been left behind in the landscape. At its best, the photography on show here is discreetly perceptive and rendered exquisitely, but, at its worst, is nondescript and unremarkable. If you like your art to be clever and complex this one is for you.


Rastros (Traces)
16 April - 31 July
Fundación Foto Colectania