Tuesday 6 January 2009

Loan Nguyen @Ego Gallery, Barcelona

©Loan Nguyen

There is something rather Zen about the photographs currently on display at Ego Gallery. Mobile is the first solo show in Spain of the Swiss-born artist Loan Nguyen whose work can be best described as meditative moments translated into images. One shot shows a women veiled by a thin blanket of fog that has descended upon the landscape. As if on a tight rope, she nimbly walks along the edge of a stone pond, one step at a time. The same woman, depicted from behind, peers down at her reflection in the still waters of a lake. Again the body exerts a soft presence within these minimalist territories of introspection. Another protagonist seeks refuge from the sun by hiding in the shade, this time her posture accentuates the acute angle of the shadow cast from a nearby building. The subtle connection between the figure and the landscape is the linchpin in many of her works and with the slightest of gestures, the artist establishes a poetic link. On the whole, there is little to understand but much to feel in these photographs because like the principles of Zen Buddhism itself, intuition presides over reason.


Loan Nguyen Mobile
November 20th2008 - January 15th2009
Ego Gallery