Tuesday 7 October 2008

Cynthia Greig

All images ©Cynthia Greig

Cynthia Greig was so kind as to email me these images some time ago so I thought I would post a few for anyone who is yet to see them. Below is a passage from her Artist´s Statement for the wonderful series Representations:

"My work explores the unique nature of the photograph—its power to persuade and negotiate what we perceive to be fact or fiction. As a kind of playful homage to Henry Fox Talbot’s “The Pencil of Nature” my series Representations, combines color photography and drawing to create what I like to call photographic documents of three-dimensional drawings. I draw directly onto ordinary objects that I have first “whitewashed” with paint, creating visually ambiguous hybrids that appear to vacillate between drawing and photography, black-and-white and color, signifier and signified. No digital manipulation is involved, but the camera’s angle of view is imperative. Exploring the concept of photographic truth and its correspondence to perceived reality, Representations draws attention to how we see and reconsiders to what degree human vision is learned or innate. The series challenges those assumptions we might have about photography and its relationship to what we believe to be true."

Cynthia Greig lives in metropolitan Detroit and received her MFA from the University of Michigan in 1995. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in the following public collections: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, George Eastman House, Light Work, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Samuel L. Dorsky Museum of Art, Seattle Arts Commission and Coleçao Foto Arte Brasilia. In 2001 she received a Light Work residency and most recently she was selected as one of four runners up for the Aperture Prize in 2007. Her photographs have been featured in ArtWeek, Fahrenheit, Photography Quarterly, Frankfurter Rundschau, CIRCA Art, Contact Sheet Annual, New Art Examiner and Art Preview. An avid collector of 19th-century photographs, she co-authored the book of vintage photographs, Women in Pants (Harry N. Abrams, 2003). Both Wall Space in Seattle and UNO Art Space in Stuttgart will feature solo exhibitions of her work in Fall 2008.