Wednesday 17 September 2008

A week with Charles Fréger

A week with Charles Fréger
from November 23rd until November 30th 2008

© Charles Fréger / galerie les Filles du Calvaire

Atelier de visu is organising a workshop directed by Charles Fréger. The workshop will take place in Marseille.

Content of the workshop:

> defining each participant’s photographic project.
> shooting sessions.
> editing sessions, each participant will create a coherent series
of images.
> creation of a slide show.
> opening night at Atelier de visu’s gallery and projection of the images of the participants.

L’Atelier de visu will also be doing portfolio reviews.

Price of the workshop: 500 euros
Maximum number of participants: 10
Accomodation can be provided at Atelier de visu. (depending on availability)

For further information, please contact Atelier de visu
19 rue des Trois Rois 13006 Marseille
téléphone: 04 91 47 60 07