Tuesday 15 July 2008

Colophon 2009

Colophon is a biennial symposium for magazine makers, experts, advertisers, readers and all creatives involved in the world of the independent magazine. This international event celebrates excellence and innovation, and promotes exchanges between key players within independent magazine industry.Launched in 2007, the second edition of Colophon will take place in Luxembourg from 13 to 15 March 2009, hosting exhibitions, talks, workshops, events and one-off publications, with more magazines, more attendees and a far more expansive programme than Colophon 2007. In short, it is the place to be for anybody involved magazines. 1000 Words Photography recently became a Media Partner and is proud to be one of 150 international magazines supporting Colophon.

Colophon 2009 is produced by Mike Koedinger in collaboration with Casino Luxemboug - Forum d'art contemporain.

Mike Koedinger, Luxembourg 's leading independent publisher runs a publishing media group dedicated to producing high quality magazines, corporate publications, guides and events for Luxembourg. With seven publications to his name, an advertising management company, a studio for editorial design and numerous events and websites, his group monitors the pulse of popular culture and society in the greater Luxembourg region.For more info go to www.tempo.lu

Its co-founder, Jeremy Leslie is Executive Creative Director at the John Brown Group, the UKs leading customer publishing agency. Previously he ran his own studio working for clients including Blitz magazine and The Guardian newspaper, and spent three years as group art director at Time Out. Leslie is a passionate advocate of editorial design, regularly contributing to the creative press and design conferences on the subject. He has written two books about magazine design: Issues (2000) and magCulture (2003), and designed the book We Love Magazines. He is deputy chairman of the newly formed Editorial Design Organisation in London, and a member of the executive committee of D&AD. He also maintains an outstanding blog about magazine design at www.magCulture.com

One of the other curators is Andrew Losowsky. For four years, he was editorial director of le cool publishing, based in Barcelona, overseeing the creation of their Weird and Wonderful Guidebooks to Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon and Madrid, as well as the remarkable, award-winning inflight magazine Ling. A passionate commentator on magazines, design and unusual ways of telling stories, Losowsky has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Times of London and Grafik among many other publications. He edited the book We Love Magazines, and his collection of short stories, 'The Doorbells of Florence', will be published in Spring 2009 by Chronicle Books. He currently lives in the USA, and writes about magazine issues at www.losowsky.com/magtastic

In the meanwhile, check out their two award-winning titles:

We Love Magazines

To accompany Colophon2007, they made a book. Inside, they have gathered amazing moments in magazine history, the stories behind successful covers, insider hints from advertising specialists, magazines we miss, new magazines, and they also gave each of the ten invited magazines at the event their own pages to show off what they do. Plus, at the back of the book they managed to squeeze in the largest directory of independent magazines ever printed – more than 1,100 titles from around the world, including all of their contact details. With ten different covers and seven colour printing, it's the essential read for anyone with a passion for print.


What better way to celebrate the first-ever Colophon than with a magazine? Edited by Andrew Losowsky and designed by Luis Mendo and Suzanne Hertogs, it's filled with contributions from attendees of Colophon2007, thoughts about the future of magazines, and objects left over from the event that have found a new home. Whether you attended or wished you had, Colophound is an essential addition to every magazine collection.

Copies can be ordered here and here.

Roll on Colophon 2009! 1000 Words CANNOT wait.