Thursday 1 April 2010

Nicholas Hughes

All images from Field © Nicholas Hughes

I have long been a fan of the work of Nicholas Hughes and am particularly intrigued by the way he examines our contemporary relationship to nature. In his previous series In Darkness Visible a primordial forest was resurrected from parkland in central London. In Field he has taken his constructed observations to a more challenging level.
Removing himself from city life - and submerged within a location chosen purely for its remoteness, over a two-year period he has analysed our current relationship to the natural world whilst making photographs only within walking distance.
In this three part series he found that having little to disturb his camera work enabled a clawing back of senses from the over stimulated media driven world and offered the possibility, through isolation, of being open to the restorative powers of nature.
Emerging eventually to a wider perspective - these beautiful observations offer up remarkable visions of a quieter contemplative world.

Nicholas Hughes (born Britain 1963) is a London based photographer who has pursued a career as a photographic artist since obtaining a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998 followed by a Master’s Degree from the London College of Communication in 2002.

His work is currently included in the Victoria and Albert museum’s contemporary selection for the Histories of Photography exhibit in London from 2009–10. His work has also been seen at the world’s major photographic art fairs in Los Angeles, New York and Paris and is held in a variety of public and private photographic collections worldwide.

Hughes is represented by the Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York and The Photographers’ Gallery, London.