Friday 2 April 2010

The Dualism

The Dualism Book - Vol.I from The Dualism on Vimeo.

I´m very excited about the forthcoming release of The Dualism Book - Volume 1 : photos that take you on a trip - watching souls both glamorous and numb, unraveling sheets of love and hate but never quite indifferent, meeting heroes and goddesses, wandering through Caravaggio's shadows and crisp suburbs of hell, visiting ghettos of our minds, almost smelling the decay of our souls through a reflection of ourselves, frailties and our desperate humanity. You'd be a parent for a while and a child for an eternity, admiring what you do not fully understand, the sadness of beauty and the joy of things so mundane. You are being pulled out into a vortex and despite feeling the urge to get out, you surrender for what you see is yourself.