Tuesday 9 February 2010

Rachel Wolfe

All images © Rachel Wolfe

There are some really nice, quiet images that form part of Rachel Wolfe´s series Not Even But Almost which she recently submitted to the magazine. Rachel Wolfe(b 1984. Dixon, IL) is a photographer and writer currently based out of Chicago, IL whose work and wanderlust "take her from remote areas to densely populated locations near and far". She has performed poetry and exhibited in both Chicago and across the States. She has written the following statement by way of introduction to her project:

"Not Even But Almost is an investigative look at contemporary life and its unsatisfying nature. By looking intimately at perceived ideals of happiness in the out-there, we can understand how our in-here situations of containment and discontent are created. The understanding of the mind creating a mutually agreed upon reality becomes apparent in these external manifestations, unconsciously creating perpetual unsatisfactory situations. The relentlessness of discovering almost-understanding continues to persist through the inherent flaws in human nature. Through this work I hope to help viewers discover, the quest for wholeness is disguised in our pursuit of happiness."