Wednesday 17 February 2010

Lasting impressions or fading impressions?

International Colloquium

Lasting impressions, or fading impressions?
The Photobook Today and Tomorrow
Musée de l´Elysée
20-21 February 2010

There are as many ideas of what constitutes the ideal photography book as there are photographers wanting to make them! This unique event brings together a wide range of highly experienced specialists representing all aspects of book production: publishers, printers, production experts, packagers, graphic designers, art directors, typographers, booksellers, historians, curators, critics, journalists and, of course, photographers!

In a series of informal round tables (followed by open debates), these experts will look at the current state of the photobook, speculate as to its immediate and long-term future, and discuss the realities of book production and distribution. Colloquium participants will also have an opportunity to take guided tours of the current exhibition, Lasting Impressions: The Art and Craft of the Steidl Book.

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