Tuesday 18 August 2009

Lisa Wiseman

All images © Lisa Wiseman

I am delighted to showcase this work from Lisa Wiseman called Something Like Home. Let me just hand you over to her:

"My work is about the reoccurring theme of liminality in my work - an elusive but rich threshold between two different places or states. I am exploring how pieces of homes, and what we perceive to be home-like, shape our individual and collective identities. I also call upon shared memories and items that represent "home" (windows, makeup on a counter) to bring us together in remembering parts of our own past but also to remind us of how isolated and isolating the home (and by extension suburbia) can be. I also use this body of work to examine how our personal story can intersect with a larger story about identity, perfection, and home."

She expands upon this and says:

"My photography is about transitions, in-between spaces, and liminal moments. I love exploring the image as the quiet pause between the before and after. I shoot fashion and portraiture with a fine art eye, often honing in on subtle details of the model or the garment instead of showing the whole person. Through a deliberate use of cropping, I create a narrative that focuses on elements that sometimes go unnoticed. My images often have a cinematic film-still quality, which makes the viewer feel connected yet voyeuristic. I want the viewer to create their own end to the story. I have always been fascinated by deconstructed and collective memories, cultural nostalgia, and identity formation. The intersection of these things informs and shapes my photography."

Wiseman works in digital mediums (both SLR and using her iPhone camera for her New Polaroid project) and in film using Polaroid 600. She received her BA in sociology from UC Berkeley in 2004 and completed a second BFA in photography at the Academy of Art University in 2007. She has been honoured with many awards, most recently being selected for 2009 PDN's 30.