Monday 19 January 2009

Hans Aarsman @The Photographer´s Gallery, London

Lecture/Performance Hans Aarsman
21 January 19:00

Hans Aarsman presents From Ugly to Pretty and Back Again. The Mysterious Ways of Beauty in Photography at The Photographer´s Gallery this Wednesday.

In this lecture Hans Aarsman examines the miriad of questions involved in taking photographs for purposes as varied as advertising, documentation and personal momentos. How does our understanding of the beauty in these images differ depending their final resting place, be it ebay, family album, specialist magazines or museums collections. Through his own experiences Aarsman asks if, and how, artistic ambitions, aesthetics and useful photography can coincide.

Hans Aarsman (b.1951, NL) worked as a photojournalist until 1994. He currently works as a writer, in particular on photography, and is co-founder of the magazine Useful Photography. Aarsman displayed, and invited contributions to, his project Photography Against Consumerism here at The Photographers' Gallery last July. He is based in Amsterdam.