Wednesday 17 September 2008

Joachim Lapotre

All images ©Joachim Lapotre

"Portraits du quotidiens/Everyday Life Portraits" is 13 still lifes expressing the complexity of our time. By portraying my own life in these works and subsequently, the time period in which I live, these still lifes become relics both personally and universally, in order to gain perspective on our modern everyday life. Maybe this is the purpose of art, to bear witness.

I was a senior freelance art director for more than 10 years. I worked mainly in the luxury domaine (Chanel, Dior, Loreal,...). So, I am familliar with advertising aesthetic codes/language. In advertising, still lifes express eternal life through abondance and shiny reflections. This, I believe, is the lie of advertising and so one of the biggest problems facing consumers. With this series, I am expressing how one could own an object without making a purchase. When the object is attached to a moment in the owners life affectively, it so then becomes a relic of everyday life. And so the mythology begins."

Joachim Lapotre has aquired solid notoriety in Paris where he was born in 1978. His work is known for its falsified visibility, ambiguous propoganda, corporate icons and deceiving photorealism.Lapotre is an expert on how to make an ad without the product, leaving the viewer with an idea on which to meditate instead of merely an object to purchase.

More of his work can be viewed here on Flickr.