Monday 23 May 2011

Anders and that gut feeling

© Michael Grieve / 1000 Words

The 1000 Words Workshop in Fez, Morocco with the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen finished on 1 May 2011, and was an absolute success.

Anders Petersen is a self-confessed fish; once you think you have him in your grasp he will surprise you and slip away. Paradox is taught on an Anders Petersen workshop as an essential ingredient together with the need to embrace our fears in life and not to be afraid of being afraid. Petersen’s personality, charisma and experience make him one of the most vital teachers of photographic practice to those seeking to unlock an expression of themselves from the heart rather than the mind. Such was the experience in Fez, a location that provides the perfect backdrop, bursting with energy to engage the senses.

Petersen conducted a wonderful workshop, directing his students to shoot from the gut and reach the pinnacle as they go about "sharpening their pyramids".

1000 Words would like to thank Anders Petersen and the vibrant personalities of the participants who, after five intensive days, produced some extraordinary photography,a small snippet of which can be seen below. The concentration of time, perfect location and Petersen’s inspiration conspired to change the attitude and approach of the participants for the rest of their creative lives. They are:

Andre Faccioli (Brazil)

Birgit Vagani (Italy)

Emily Clarke (UK)

Jim Clarke (UK)

Nina Hove (Norway)

Laura Hynd (UK)

Samuele Pellecchia (Italy)

Vanessa Bonnin (Australia)

We would also like to thank Omar Chennafi for his local knowledge and assistance, Vanessa Bonnin for help processing black and white film, and the gracious presence of Stephen di Renza for being the perfect host.

Submissions are open for our next workshop in Morocco with Erik Kessels in September 2011. More information and details on how to apply is available here.