Friday 22 October 2010

Kate Nolan

All images © Kate Nolan

Fresh from the submissions inbox is this quiet set of images from Kate Nolan, an Irish photographer based in Cardiff, Wales who recently graduated with a BA Hons in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales, Newport.

"Neither is an exploration into the hearts of the new generation of post-soviet Kaliningrad. Locked into dreams of a future that their homeland cannot fulfil they look afar. They are searching for their identity while trapped under the weight of history and isolation from both their motherland and the new Europe.

Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave, is wedged between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. It was once known as Konigsberg until WWII when the German population fled or were killed. The region was then handed over to the Russians who invited the rural and poor of Russia to rebuild the city.

The younger generation of this region is the first to have lived in these post-soviet times. The women I have been living with and sharing with have opened up their homes and minds to allow me an inside look into this link between place, identity and history."

Neither is a work in progress and Kate told 1000 Words that she will be heading back to Kaliningrad in a few weeks to continue with this project so best of luck to her. We look forward to seeing the finished article. It´s already shaping up to be a brilliant project.