Thursday 16 July 2009

Charles Bédué

All images © Charles Bédué

I was immediately sucked in when Parisian born, Shanghai based photographer Charles Bédué slid these images my way, the crux of which can just about be extracted from his artist statement:

"I need to walk. First the pulse is physical, then it becomse spiritual when I escape from reality by improving my ability to see beyond. Reality is always magical, it is hard to forget. The true world is too thin to be seen, but I can feel the spirit of things, which is the thinnest matter existing, vibrating everywhere. Nothing is dead around me, it is just a question of scale. Sometimes I see humans (me included) and animals as objects, sometimes objects become alive. When the light is diffused and shadows disappear, it is easier to feel the unity of the world. Now for me, it is the time of disillusion - then will come the reconstruction."

Unfortunately, Charles does not have a website but I think it is worth taking note of this name because I can guarentee you will be seeing a lot more from him in the future.