Tuesday 12 May 2009

1000 Words needs your help!

©Zoe Strauss

Dear all

As an entirely independent online publication, 1000 Words requires a lot of the time, energy and resources of two very busy people to produce. In light of this, we are currently seeking engagement from donations, sponsorship and funding in order to cover the costs of the special Summer issue and to also improve long-term prospects for growth in the sector. So if you enjoy the photography we feature and find the site useful, then please support us by making a donation.

Such help will not only enable us to maintain the highest standard of quality in our work but also guarantee that the content can remain free. I repeat: free! Ultimately, it will be an investment in promoting excellence in photography and the visual arts.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated. We will select donors at random and send you free passes to international photography festivals as well as new photo books and other photo-related goodies!

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Many thanks, and best wishes