Saturday 4 October 2008

Lorena Endara

All images ©Lorena Endara

Photographer Lorena Endara emailed me to tell me about her series called The Pan-American Dream, a superb project wherein she has turned her camera on her country of origin, Panama and in the process dissected its complex identity to reveal the tensions between past and present, old and new through juxtapositions of different types of architecture and the clash of both metropolitan and rural landscapes. In her Artist’s Statement she proclaims:

"As a native of Panama, I use photography to reflect on the country in relation to the historical, political, and economic processes that continually shape it. As I photograph in the documentary tradition, I am guided by a sense of nostalgia for a Panama I never knew as well as a concern for the future of my country. By capturing the multiplicity of worlds that exist within Panama, such as the fragile relationship between urban jungles and natural havens, I seek to explore and represent Panama's identity as well as my own."

Lorena Endara was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. She became interested in photography at the age of twelve and has been practicing ever since. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and earned a B.A. in media, arts, and languages. Lorena’s passion for photography is directly linked to her love for travel and commitment to social justice. Her artwork has been featured in a number of solo and group shows, the latest one being at the Barbara Walters Gallery in Bronxville, New York. In addition, Lorena is the founder and director of a non-profit organization, Fundacion Imaginer, dedicated to promoting contemporary art from Latin America.