Thursday 3 July 2008

Slideluck Potshow

Photographer, Casey Kelbaugh, wrote to me to introduce his amazing arts initiative called Slideluck Potshow. For all my readers in the States, I am sure you are familiar with what they get up to so apologies on this one but for those of you living this side of the pond, listen up! Slideluck Potshow is basically an event organised for members of the arts, photography and media communities wherein participants bring along food, drink and five minutes worth of slides. It is such a nice idea since it offers a unique place for photojournalists, painters, designers, sculptors, fashion and fine-art photographers to present their work and exchange their ideas with one another in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and friendly. It is also a brilliant opportunity to show off your culinary skills!

Slideluck Potshow is the brainchild of advertising and editorial photographer, Casey Kelbaugh who together with Producer Alys Kenny has organised over twenty shows in Seattle alone. Every year around three or four also take place in New York while its unprecedented popularity has seen it become something of a global phenomenon. They have put on shows in cities as far flung as Berlin and Copenhagen as well as in New Mexico. They also have one lined up for Caracas on August 15th and Sao Paulo soon after, although it is still to be confirmed.

They are also supporting PhotoShelter's Shoot! The Day which will mobilise photographers to "replenish" the stock photo supply. On July 20, 2008, thousands of photographers will take photos in five key image categories -- responding directly to buyer needs. Photographers will connect, learn, win prizes, and find new opportunities to sell their work. The fresh, diverse and authentic images captured on Shoot! The Day will change the image marketplace for good.

Events include:

- Shoot! Anywhere. Link up with photographers worldwide and shoot! Compete for prizes, recognition, and promotion to buyers.
- Shoot! On Location. 20 selected photographers will enjoy free, Nikon-equipped photo shoots.
- NYC Gathering. 500 photographers will come together at Shoot Digital in NYC for seminars with top experts, image buyers, hot product demos, and a "rocking" party.

To learn more about Slideluck Potshow go to their site where you can catch up on past events, study their submission guidelines and see the different ways you can support their brilliant forum for exposing new artists.

I´ll leave you know with a little video that Muse did. That´s Cara Phillips there by the way who I wrote about here on the 1000 Words Blog. Keep an eye out for her work, Poignant Longings for Beauty. Great stuff!